How The Lifestyle Club has helped people like you!

"I started my journey in May 2022 and have now lost 3 stone. I now feel so much better in myself and have reversed my diabetes. This lifestyle change has really worked for me and my husband who is not overweight now eats what I eat, so he is feeling the benefits too!"
"I joined The Lifestyle Club in October 2021. My dress size dropped from 24 to 20 and I am feeling more confident than ever before. Plus ever since I started this course, I don’t have the aches and pains I used to have."
"I started TLC in June 2021. Since then, I have lost nearly 5 stone in weight and put my type 2 diabetes into remission. There was always someone to whom I could turn to for advice. It has given me back my passion for singing now because I can stand and sing through a major choral work."
"TLC made me more positive in dealing with type 2 diabetes and trying to reverse it. Encouraging me to exercise and read food labels more carefully. I have been going to the gym for over 12 months now on a regular basis."
"When my HbA1c reached 121mmol/mol, I started to become really worried, especially as my eyesight had already started to deteriorate. Luckily my GP recommended I join TLC, and this gave me the boost I needed to turn my health around. In eight months, I have lost 4 stone, reversed my diabetes and thankfully my eyesight is back to normal!"

How TLC works?

Remission is a realistic goal for many people with type 2 diabetes and prediabetes. Learn how simple changes to the foods you eat can improve your blood glucose control, give you more energy and  reduce your need for medication. TLC will support you at every stage from your  health coach, other participants in your class and through our programme of on-going support.

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Attend monthly catchup sessions to stay on track.

Where can you find TLC?

The Lifestyle Club is currently available in selected surgeries across the country. To find out if your surgery is offering TLC please use the map and if they are, you can contact them to find out how to book your place. However, if we aren’t in your area yet, you can still invite your GP to consider offering our programme by downloading our template letter via the button below.


What's the TLC approach?

Type 2 diabetes and prediabetes are caused by insulin resistance. Reducing the amount of sugar and starchy carbohydrates you eat can be very effective for improving, if not reversing, insulin resistance.

CAUTION: If you are taking medication or you have underlying retinopathy or kidney disease it is important to talk to your health care team before making changes to your diet.

Our approach in 4 simple steps:

  1. REDUCE SUGAR – in drinks, cakes, biscuits, puddings, sweets and confectionary.
  2. REDUCE STARCH – such as bread, rice, cereals, potatoes and pasta.
  3. BASE MEALS ON REAL FOODS – vegetables, eggs, unprocessed meat, fish, cheese, full fat yoghurt nuts and seeds with enough natural fat and oils to keep you feeling full. Avoid diet and low-fat foods, which often contain added sugar.
  4. STAY HYDRATED – drink water and have enough salt.