What is The Lifestyle Club?

The Lifestyle Club (TLC) is an HSJ award-winning and QISMET accredited online health coaching service created by the charity, Public Health Collaboration (1171887). TLC helps people living with type 2 diabetes and prediabetes improve their lifestyles in a supportive environment with the aim of remission. To find out more, please click a button below to visit the respective section.

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"Ever since I started this course, I don’t have any pain and I'm fitting into the clothes I never used to…"

What participants say...

Totally supportive group without pressure or guilt, unlike anything else I've tried, it works.


Feeling better than I have for a long time - this lifestyle suits me, and I’ll definitely be sticking to it!


I’ve reached my target weight, feel healthier and more inclined to exercise.


What clinicians say...

It is so rewarding to see people getting better!

Dr Katharine Alsop, Bristol

TLC had time to support patients with lifestyle changes.

Dr Kate Elliott, Andover

Patients get a choice of when they would like to attend the sessions, whether morning, afternoon or evening.

Dr Nikki Wright, Winchester

Meet the Team

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