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Life expectancy is reduced by 100 days for each year someone lives with an HbA1c greater than 58mmol/mol. Yet sadly, one third of people with type 2 diabetes fail to meet this target, despite increasing their medication. However, there is hope because for many patients, type 2 diabetes can be reversed through diet and lifestyle changes.

With our experience in getting NHS funding, TLC can coach your patients for free at the point of access, reduce your workload, improve your patients health and save the NHS money – all at the same time. Click here to download the supporting evidence for our approach.

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"After my TLC course I had an HbA1c of 34mmol/mol, which was brilliant because it means I'm in remission."
TLC Session

What does TLC have to offer?

TLC provides an online 8-week diet and lifestyle course for those living with type 2 diabetes and prediabetes with on-going support for life. Each session is led by an experienced health coach to help participants improve their lifestyles in order to reduce medication and potentially put their diabetes into remission.

Our aim is to reduce your workload not add to it. After you refer your patients to TLC via our booking system, we handle all the administration and we work with you to help identify where participants need to review their diabetes medication.

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Also, you can be assured by the fact that TLC is QISMET accredited and an award-winning health coaching service. In the X-PERT Health Audit Awards, we have won The Largest Impact on Body Weight & Waist Circumference award two years in a row for 2022 and 2023. Then in 2024, we were Silver Winners at the HSJ Awards for Primary Project of the Year.


Watch what these GPs think about The Lifestyle Club

Dr Katharine Alsop, Bristol

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Dr Nikki Wright, Winchester

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What's in the course?

Accompanied by a printed 100 page handbook posted directly to participants, each weekly session runs between 60 to 90 minutes. In addition, once the course has finished, participants can join our monthly support sessions for life. The course overview is as follows:

  • Initial Introduction Session (Followed by full course enrolment.)
  • Session 1 – The Lifestyle Club Approach
  • Session 2 – Nutrition for Health
  • Session 3 – Practical Considerations
  • Session 4 – It’s not all about nutrition
  • Session 5 – Carbohydrate Awareness
  • Session 6 – Debunking Myths
  • Session 7 – Staying on Track
  • Session 8 – Recapping and The Way Forward

Long term data for TLC?

TLC is based on the work of Dr David Unwin, an award-winning NHS GP based in Southport, who is also the Vice-President of the Scientific Advisory Committee for the Public Health Collaboration.

Dr Unwin’s study published in BMJ Nutrition, Prevention & Health in January 2023, presents his practice data from over the past 8 years. It reveals that 97% of patients improved their diabetic control, and 51% with type 2 diabetes achieved drug-free remission. The study also calculated that “Diabetes drug savings are £68 353 per year compared with the local average. These savings are likely to be dwarfed by cost savings from reduced complications of T2D and days lost from work.”

If all 9,400 GP practices in the UK used this approach, it would translate to annual savings of over £600 MILLION for the NHS.

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Unwin Cost Savings 2022
TLC Results Graph - 14.10.2022

What results does TLC have?

Our pilot of 398 people demonstrated an average weight loss of 6.2kg,  a waist reduction of 9.2cm and an HbA1c decrease of 9.6 mmol/mol at 6 months. 88% of participants completed the course and 99% would recommend it to family and friends.

In addition to these positive results, 83% of participants have reduced their diabetes medications, demonstrating that The Lifestyle Club helps facilitate improvements in patient health, whilst saving the NHS money at the same time.

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