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What is The Lifestyle Club?

The Lifestyle Club (TLC) is an online health coaching service created by the registered charity, Public Health Collaboration (Charity no. 1171887). Our mission is to help inspire healthier lifestyles for better public health.

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What is The Lifestyle Club Offering?

The Lifestyle Club is offering an 8 week online group course to help people currently living with type 2 diabetes and prediabetes to improve their health, reduce medication and potentially put their type 2 diabetes and prediabetes into remission. Each course is led by one of our fully insured health coaches and contains 8 weekly sessions, which cover everything from nutrition and exercise to goal-setting and sleep.

Each group has between 6-12 participants. This number range creates a cohesive social group who learn together and enables a sense of accountability to one another for better health outcomes. The sessions are facilitated through Zoom with a 100 page printed handbook posted directly to participants.

What does the course look like?

Accompanied by a printed 100 page handbook posted to participants, each weekly session is 90 minutes in length. In addition, once the course has finished, participants are offered the opportunity to join a monthly support session. The course overview is as follows:

  • Initial Introduction Session (Followed by full course enrolment.)
  • Session 1 - The Lifestyle Club Approach
  • Session 2 - Nutrition for Health
  • Session 3 - Practical Considerations
  • Session 4 - It’s not all about nutrition
  • Session 5 - Carbohydrate Awareness
  • Session 6 - Debunking Myths
  • Session 7 - Staying on Track
  • Session 8 - Recapping and The Way Forward

What outcomes does The Lifestyle Club have?

Based on our pilot, we have collected data from 273 participants (86.4% completion rate) with an age range from 25 to 84 years old. 59% were female and 41% were male. 77% were white, 12% were Asian, 7% were black and the remaining 4% were of other ethnicities. After 3 months, the average outcomes were as follows:

  • A weight loss from 95.2kg to 90.8kg (-4.4kg, SD = 23.0).
  • A waist circumference reduction from 110.0cm to 102.3cm (-7.7cm, SD = 16.3).
  • BMI reduction from 32.7 to 31.0 (-1.7, SD = 7.1).
  • HbA1c reduction from 60.3 mmol/mol to 51.1 mmol/mol (-9.2mmol/mol, SD = 15.4).

In addition to these beneficial results, 83% of participants have reduced their diabetes medications, demonstrating that The Lifestyle Club can help facilitate improvements in patient health, whilst saving the NHS money at the same time.

What do participants think about TLC?

In our post-course evaluation, 99% of participants who answered found the course useful, well organised and would recommend TLC to their friends and family.

"I used to struggle to get upstairs but ever since I've been on this course I don't have any pain. And I'm fitting into the clothes I never used to fit into. My desire is to now put my diabetes into remission."


What do healthcare professionals think about TLC?

A good working relationship with healthcare professionals is exceedingly important to us and having your support is vital for helping patients get the most out of our course.

"It's so exciting to see people actually get better, really drop their HbA1c levels and just feel so much better after the course."

Dr Katharine Alsop

Is there any long term data for this approach?

Dr David Unwin, an NHS GP based in Southport and Vice-President of the Scientific Advisory Committee for the Public Health Collaboration, has been a pioneer in this field by demonstrating that it's possible to improve patient health and save money for the NHS at the same time.

Dr Unwin's most recent study in January 2021 published in BMJ Nutrition, Prevention & Health, presents his practice data from over the past 6 years. It reveals that 93% of patients with prediabetes attained a normal HbA1c, and 46% with type 2 diabetes achieved drug-free remission. The study also calculated that “Since 2015, there has been a relative reduction in practice prescribing of drugs for diabetes leading to a T2D prescribing budget £50,885 per year less than average for the area.” If all 9,400 NHS GP practices in the UK used this approach, it would translate to savings of over £475 million per year for the NHS.

On top of improving patient health and saving money for the NHS, Dr Unwin says that his job satisfaction has greatly improved. This is because now instead of getting complaints about the side effects of drugs, he now gets compliments about improvements in their health and reductions in medications.

Lastly, it should also be noted that in July 2021 a narrative review supported by the British Dietetic Association and Diabetes UK alongside Dr David Unwin concluded that “low carbohydrate diets, if appropriately supported, are considered safe and should not be avoided in suitable individuals who find these approaches acceptable.”

How to fund The Lifestyle Club for your practice?

We are working with the new Integrated Care Systems around the country to create a model for primary care to offer TLC utilising ARRS funding. Until this is available in your area, we encourage individual GP surgeries to refer a small number of patients using existing schemes.

Connexus PCN in Bristol have been able to offer 70 TLC places to their patients using a development fund. Initial data for the five surgeries show 5.82kg weight loss and 9cm waist reduction at 3 months with many patients reducing medication or stopping it altogether.

Poplar Grove in Aylesbury used 8:8 money to fund 15 places.

Friarsgate Practice, Winchester plan to utilise equalities and diversity money to pay for 100 TLC participants to access TLC. Dr Niki Wright praised the flexibility of session availability and the knowledge and enthusiasm of TLC health coaches.

Please contact us for help with creating a TLC funding proposal or pitch for your PCN.

The average patient currently living with type 2 diabetes costs the NHS about £600 per year from drugs for diabetes alone. The cost for The Lifestyle Club for Type 2 Diabetes & Prediabetes course is £150 per participant, for the 8 week course and on-going support. However, for practices signing up in 2022, we have an introductory offer of £100 per participant.

To find out more please contact the Operations Manager of The Lifestyle Club, Helen Gowers by filling out the contact form below or by emailing her on helen.gowers@phcuk.org